I’ve written before on how your body is rusting–your cells are being oxidized just like iron in the rain by free radicals from toxic exposure, smoking, trans fats, even exercise and the daily metabolism of your food for energy.

These free radicals are oxygen molecules that are unstable and they damage the parts of the cell they react with: mutating DNA and destroying cell walls. The ongoing attacks of these free radicals in excess of the body’s ability to deactivate them with anti-oxidants is oxidative stress.


In a November 2005 article in the International Journal of Obesity, the authors found, “Extensive research during last two decades has revealed the mechanism by which continued oxidative stress can lead to chronic inflammation, which in turn could [bring about] most chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological and pulmonary diseases.”
The good news is your cells have a powerful protein called Nrf2 that turns on over 600 protective factors in your cells including the genes that direct your cells to make antioxidants that are millions of times more powerful than what you can consume daily.1

The bad news is that Nrf2 is produced less and less as you age, which makes sense when you realize that these are diseases of old age.
Fortunately, scientists have been researching herbs that have been known to prevent these diseases of old age for thousands of years and discovered that they are effective in stimulating production of Nrf2, for example, you’ve probably heard of green tea extract and turmeric (or its extract curcumin). Further research by Dr. Joe McCord, PhD, has lead to his development of a unique vegan combination of 5 herbs that multiply the effectiveness of each of the ingredients by 3 to 9 times.2


 As you might expect, this product, called Protandim, has been found to reduce oxidative stress and thereby have wide-ranging effects. You can get the exact details of the 12 most significant studies (translated into simple English) in my free, new booklet, Your Body is Rusting Causing Aging and Disease: Something Can Be Done.

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