It seems everyone has at least one secret to achieving and maintaining vibrant good health. I say vibrant because the definition of health is not simply the absence of disease. It must include the creative energy to be able to accomplish your goals. The sense that you can do what you want to do. Someone who sits around and isn’t excited about life is not vibrantly healthy.

It almost seems like there are as many ideas of how to achieve and maintain health as there are people and I think one of the reasons for that is there are three separate areas that must all be in tune to produce vibrant good health.

The first and most obvious area is nutrition. You need to put the “good stuff” in.

Second, you need to get the “bad stuff” out. Detoxification and cleansing do that.

Third, you have to avoid interactions with people who specialize in putting others down. If you find yourself going up and down, doing well and then badly, you are in touch with someone who is acting to keep you down. I can promise you that if you are connected to someone who is actively putting you down, you’ll never maintain vibrant good health. How do you deal with this “suppressive stress?” The best method of dealing with it that I’ve ever seen and used myself is the method in
The Cause of Suppression

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