This is my second cleanse in 3.5 months. I’m finding myself more relaxed. My blood pressure, which had been up around 170/84 the last few weeks is now back to 120/78 and my glucose, which usually runs around 130 is now down to 96. I fall asleep naturally between 8:30 and midnight and wake up refreshed in the morning between 5 – 9 am. My weight is down from 190 to 177.5. My thinking is clearer and I have much more stamina on my daily half-hour walks in the morning.
I’m feeling like I was 55 again on Day 11 (I’m 71.)!
Here’s a tip that’s not in my book even though it’s in its fourth edition. A very few people had trouble with their teeth hurting. (This was so rare that I hadn’t encountered it when I originally wrote the book in 2004 and remained too rare to mention.) This happened to my wife. She handled it by rinsing her mouth right after drinking the lemonade. It finally happened to me the last cleanse and I found that if I did half molasses and half maple syrup that handled it completely.
After 150,000 copies sold, it’s time to do another reprint. I think I’ll add it to the book and make this the 5th edition.
I ran into a nurse who had tried to do the Master Cleanse and didn’t read my book. He quit the afternoon of day 3. I told him that days 2 and 3 are the worst and gave him a copy of my book. Now, he’s about to try it again. I mention this because it’s important to know what to expect. If I had a nickel for everyone who quit on day 3 or 7 (It’s usually a rough day, too.), I could start a charitable foundation to promote the Master Cleanse!