Rust is an example of oxidation, which is changing something chemically by combining it with oxygen. Fire is another example of oxidation. Smother the fire (remove the oxygen) and the fire goes out. Burning leaves in the yard or burning gasoline in your car’s engine are both examples of oxidation. Oxidation can also happen without heat. Put water on iron and leave it. The iron will become reddish brown, brittle and weak: rust.

When oxidation happens inside your body, your cells’ membranes (their outside flexible walls) get damaged. They become less porous so less nutrients get in; less toxic waste gets out. Oxidation inside the cell damages those parts of the cell that produce energy and those that repair the cell. This damage is called oxidative stress because it is oxygen attacking the cell. Those oxygen molecules are call free radicals.

Another name for these damaging oxygen molecules is oxidants. Anti-oxidants are molecules that protect the cell by absorbing the these oxidants so the parts of the cell will be not be harmed. When the anti-oxidant protects the cell by absorbing the oxygen, it destroys the anti-oxidant. One molecule of anti-oxidant can protect against one molecule of an oxidant.
This cellular process of “rusting” is very important because their is growing scientific evidence that oxidative stress is a major contributing factor to declining function, disease, aging and death.

So, protection from oxidative stress has become very important. Indeed, the last two decades of nutritional science have focused strongly on finding new anti-oxidants, such as acai berries, noni juice, vitamin E, C, A and D. But is there a better way to protect the cells?
That was the question to which Dr. Joe McCord, PhD dedicated his life. He began by researching herbs that increased anti-oxidant activity and discovered five that worked the best: Turmeric, Green Tea, Milk Thistle, Ashwagandha and Bacopa. Later research discovered that this patented combination actually increased the anti-oxidant action of each of those beyond what any person could take of any single one because such a large single dose would have negative side effects. The synergy of the five acting together therefore was the best protection as it had no negative side effects.
Those five herbs acting together stimulated natural cell defenses (glutathione, SOD and catalase) that are a million times more powerful than any single anti-oxidant. This combination is so powerful that it reduces oxidative stress by 40% on average within 30 days! Click on the image below to see the proof for yourself.

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