About Peter Glickman and This Site

I found the Master Cleanse because I decided to keep looking for a natural way to handle my failing health that would not cost me an arm and a leg and didn’t have unwanted side effects. I just kept looking until I found a way.

I am not a licensed health care professional. However, I knew what it did for me in 2003 and I began to tell others on the Internet. There I saw the Master Cleanse help more than 100 people regain and maintain their vibrant good health in our first annual January Master Cleanse in 2004. I also saw that people had the same questions over and over. So, I decided to write this book to answer those questions.

Since then I have been fortunate enough to see literally thousands of people benefit from it. In January 2009 alone, we had more than 1,200 people doing our sixth annual January Master Cleanse. (Even though we have annual, free January Master Cleanses, our Internet forum is open 24/7 every day of the year.)

From reading some of the great healers of the past, I believe people can extend life and avoid illness and disease if they eat mostly real, live food (raw fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts), drink unpolluted and unfluoridated water, and clean their colons frequently.

I firmly believe that each person is responsible for his or her own health. If you want to be healthy, have energy and feel good, you must learn what is involved and apply it. You have to monitor what
goes into your mouth, what exercise you do, what air you breathe, and most important of all, what thoughts you think. And you need to detoxify regularly.

You are the only person who can decide what is useful or not for you. Each person’s body is unique. For example, most people find penicillin valuable for killing bacteria. Some people are allergic and can die from it.

Health professionals can give you valuable information and do other wonderful things, but ultimately, the buck stops with you. So you have to learn to use good judgment along with your experience, and that includes determining if the information on this website is useful to you. The information on this website is solely for education. It is not intended as medical advice or to diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe. If you decide to follow it, it must be because you have determined that it would be good for you to try it.

Each person should seek the counsel of their health professional, and then use his or her own judgment. This caution applies to the information on this website as well as that in our iPhone app, Master Cleanse Coach. In fact, this caution applies to any information in life. I think the Master Cleanse is great, but you have to decide for yourself. I am only telling my story and sharing some of the many stories from our forum.

If you have made the decision to do the Master Cleanse, congratulations for doing something really wonderful for yourself and your body.

Best wishes for your vibrant good health,