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Welcome to our convenient one-stop shop for the proper Master Cleanse ingredients and books. We have all you need to start the Master Cleanse, also called the Lemonade Diet and Lemon Cleanse. Discover for yourself what hundreds of thousands have already successfully experienced doing the Master Cleanse.

I specifically wrote Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days for people new to the Master Cleanse to tell them what to expect, what to do, why, and answer their questions. The new fourth edition, published in 2015, contains:

  • Personal experiences and successes of people like yourself as they did the Master Cleanse day by day.
  • Answers to the 112 most common questions.
  • The 12 most common pitfalls.
  • A guide to detox symptoms and what to do about them.
  • Scientific support for the Master Cleanse.
  • Anti-aging methods you can do at home to extend your life and prevent diseases of old age.

This site has been up since 2003.

My purpose is to educate you on low- and no-cost ways others have achieved and maintained vibrant good health. Because everyone’s body is different, you must learn what will work for you. Like anything else, if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself.

On March 4, 2014, the Wall Street Journal did an article on detoxification and juice cleanses and included a quote from me. (Click here to read the article.)

Master Cleanse and Raw Food, what’s the connection?

Health, weight loss, energy, detoxification, vitality, positive mental attitude, and longevity are some of the reasons people choose to eat more raw fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables than cooked food.

A more positive mental attitude was the most surprising result for me. I had a very positive mental attitude to begin with. However, when I began eating more raw fruits and vegetables and then did the Master Cleanse, I discovered that it is man’s natural state to have a positive mental attitude.

As for making it easier to switch to a raw food diet, I recommend doing the Master Cleanse. It’s an easier way to move to a raw food diet. Hundreds of people have discovered that detoxifying from unhealthy food additives and the consumption of more food than the body can successfully eliminate, removes the cravings for food that’s not good for you.

Why don’t more people eat a raw food diet? It’s difficult to give up cooked food. 12 Steps to Raw Foods below not only gives some great, proven recipes, the author, Victoria Boutenko, gives her 12 step plan to give up cooked food. I highly recommend the book.

Master Cleanse: Energy, Weight Loss and Nutrition?

Most adults are aware of feeling sluggish and tired after eating Thanksgiving Dinner. In our society, too many of our meals create this effect. The tired, sleepy, sluggish feeling is due to the energy the body must redirect to digest and process your meal.

Worse yet, this tiredness comes on top of a lack of energy that tends to pervade our lives. Where is the energy that we felt when we were teenagers? Can it be that the tiredness we feel after a heavy meal is just another face of the general lack of energy we live with from middle age onwards? Sadly, most people do not even notice the slow increase in lack of energy, depression, and irritability until they do the Master Cleanse and/or begin to eat nourishing raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts and juice. Then, they are uniformly amazed at all the energy they gain.

Then there is the problem of weight loss. According to the American Society for Bariatric Surgery,

“$100 billion is spent annually in the United States for the treatment of [diseases related to overweight] and an almost equal amount is spent yearly on diets and low-calorie foods and drinks, exercise programs and other weight loss treatments which, even if successful, offer only temporary relief.”

A serious study of nutrition and diet will show you that fat is the body’s defense against toxins. The reason more and more Americans are having trouble being overweight is that Americans are eating more and more cooked, processed, artificially colored and flavored food. These “foods” contain substances that do not nourish your body. They entertain by smelling, looking and tasting good. Unfortunately, they do not build strong, healthy bodies.

Does anyone seriously believe that a diet of only fast food hamburgers, milkshakes, french fries and cookies will actually nourish the body? I doubt it—except for the very young, who are growing up with the handicap of no nutritional education.

I hope the information on this website and the books above will help you achieve a level of vibrant good health that amazes you and those you live with.

Yours in health,