My good friend, Nancy, has received several stem cell treatments over the last year or two. Since so many of my readers have asked about stem cell treatment, she was kind enough to give me permission to publish her latest treatment adventure in the hope that it will help others.
It has been 4 1/2 months since the end of January, when my husband, Harry, and I returned from the Great Stem Cell Adventure at Dr. Hino’s clinic in Ensenada, Mexico.  On that trip, we each received close to 200 million stem cells — the majority of them embryonic stem cells, the only stem cells that are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and repair neurological damage in the body.

As Dr. Hino has explained:

“…[sperm and egg] are donated by patients who have been screened by an in-vitro certified clinic.  These cells are extracted after four days and are called Blastocytes, which are not embryos yet.  Then we extract undifferentiated cells, or embryonic stem cells, and cultivate them to produce enough to treat patients with chronic degenerative diseases.

“Embryonic stem cells are the only cells that can repair all 221 different cells in the human body and the only stem cells that can break the blood – brain barrier to repair nerve and brain disorders.  They are the only stem cells that have been proven by 6 leading Universities in the U.S. to decrease and eliminate all cancer tumors. …  they have no DNA yet and there are no genetic defects.  They are the perfect stem cell…” 

The results we both had from those treatments were impressive — for Harry, notable increases in strength, stamina, and resilience.  For me, improvement in bladder control and the ability to get a signal through from my brain to my right leg, resulting in my being able to move my right leg for the first time in many years.
Harry continued to enjoy his gains over the months, but mine, unfortunately, did not hold.  Shortly after arriving home in January, in my exuberance, I relaxed caution and ended up having a couple of falls, which set me back.  I ceased being able to move my right leg on command, and my strength continued to decline. 
However, Dr. Hino, based upon his extensive experience, was not discouraged, and he encouraged me to return for follow-up treatment — additional stem cell treatments that act as a booster for the initial treatment.  As he explained, stem cells remain active in the body, repairing and rebuilding for as long as a year, and apparently (proven by the results of thousands of Dr. Hino’s patients), the stem cells going in newly — even months later — kick into gear a large percentage of the earlier introduced stem cells from the original treatments (which migrate to the bone marrow, awaiting reactivation).  
So, Harry and I made the decision to make the long hard trip from Florida to Ensenada, Mexico — which requires me to stop eating for two days (one day prior to, and the day of travel)and to wear a state-of-the-art pull-up (diaper) for the 13-15 continuous hours of sitting up in the Super Shuttle, on the plane to San Diego, and during the drive down the Baja coast to Ensenada…. and HERE WE ARE!!
Harry and I now are in the midst of doing another round of stem cell therapy, here at Hino Medical Center in Ensenada. 
When we first arrived, Dr. Hino had us do a fasting blood test to get the objective data of how the body’s chemistry had changed since the first stem cell treatments in January.  The results were impressive. 
Harry’s cholesterol had gone down into normal range for the first time in many years, his kidney, lung, liver and bilirubin (digestion) markers had all improved, and his heart function — which had been in a dangerously stressed range when we took the identical blood test in January — had greatly improved!
My cholesterol also had gone down, and my lung and kidney function had also improved.  My CK-NAC marker had improved from 27 to 39.  (I learned the eye-opening fact that the CK-NAC marker — which also measures heart function — when very high or very low, is an indicator of neurological disorders).  The goal is to get my CK-NAC marker up to 100.  (How wonderful to know of an objective measurement of the body’s progress as it heals from the damage of MS and other neurological disorders!)  Based upon the results Doctor Hino has received with other patients, he assured me that when we’ve gotten my CK-NAC marker into the 100 range, I will walk away from my wheelchair!
So far, Harry and I have each received two embryonic stem cell treatments of 20 million each.  I will be receiving three more before heading back to Clearwater on Tuesday.
I am VERY hopeful that this additional infusion of embryonic stem cells will make a big difference in my progress toward halting and reversing the progression of my MS — and the relief of my debilitating symptoms.
Dr. Hino has helped thousands of patients with his stem cell protocol — hundreds of patients with MS, Parkinsons, and other neurological disorders.  (When we were here back in January, we saw a young man with ALS who had been brought in for treatment.  He was unable to move under his own power at all.  We watched as he was assisted in and out of a van, into and out of the clinic, like a limp rag doll.  To our astonishment, this fellow is now able to move his arms and legs under his own power and is actively doing physical therapy.)
If you have interest and/or questions, you can email Dr. Hino  at  He is very busy, but he works very hard and answers his emails promptly.  Tell him that Nancy Frisch referred you and he will take extra special care of you.  :>)