Your body is electric and, in fact, your cells generate energy and move nutrients into themselves and waste out because of electric charges. The inner cell nucleus is mainly protein and carries a positive charge. The outer cell membrane is primarily essential fats and carries a negative charge because these essential fats have electron “clouds” that make the cell permeable. (These fats are called essential because your body cannot make them. They have to be consumed in your food on a regular basis for normal function to occur. Thus they are an essential part of your diet.) However, they tend to go rancid quickly.
Modern food manufacturers solved the rancidity problem by altering them to have longer shelf life. The process is called hydrogenation and its products are called partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats. This in essence meant removing the electron clouds. As you might guess, food that can sit on a store shelf for years without going rancid doesn’t have the same vital properties as unadulterated food.
Enter Johanna Budwig, Ph.D., a qualified pharmacologist, chemist and physicist with a doctorate in physics who worked as the chief expert-consultant for drugs and fats at the former German Federal Institute for Fats Research.
She found that cancer patients typically had an odd greenish-yellow substance in their blood, instead of the normal amounts of hemoglobin. She realized this discovery explained why cancer patients are so often weak and suffering from anemia. Dr. Budwig also discovered that blood from a healthy person contained far greater levels of Omega 3 essential fatty acids than blood taken from someone who is ill.
In addition, there have been numerous studies showing Omega 3 essential fatty acids improving happiness and reducing violence in students and even prison convicts! (“Omega-3, junk food and the link between violence and what we eat,” Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian, 16 October 2006,
She spoke of hydrogenated fats that are sold as cooking oils in grocery stores today. Most extract the oil from corn, sunflowers and other plants using extreme heat and chemicals. They are no longer alive but dead oils that cause death to the user. Because they have no electron clouds left, they kill the electrical charge of the cell and form cell membranes that are no longer as permeable. Thus nutrients and oxygen have trouble getting into the cells and waste has trouble getting out of the cells. In addition, the cells can’t generate as much energy as when they had proper charges.
She had people from all over the world come to her, some in a very weakened state and nursed them back to health by giving them the combination of flaxseed oil and a cottage cheese-type cheese, plus organic foods, exercise, fresh air and the healing powers of the sun to cure these “hopeless” cases who sometimes started to show improvement within days.
She taught and gave papers at numerous conferences for 50 years. At one point the German Central Committee for Cancer Research was so unhappy with her statements, they took court action against her. In court, the judge, after having reviewed the evidence from both sides, pulled the cancer research people aside and told them not to take on this woman. The court records quoted the presiding judge: “Doctor Budwig’s documents and papers are conclusive. There would be a scandal in the scientific world [if you continue to press this case] because the public would certainly support Doctor Budwig.” (
Her complete diet for heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases can be found in her book The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook which was translated into English. Her recipes are very tasty because she believed you had to encourage the taste buds of her sick patients to get them to eat enough to make a rapid recovery.
If you want to have more energy and be happier, here’s her breakfast recipe. She has other recipes which are also delicious for the rest of the day. She even includes wine, champagne or juice each day!