“In my environmental medicine practice, I attempt to identify toxic elements, physical and spiritual. Then I can help the patient avoid, protect against or detoxify them. I follow that with nutrition to promote as much additional healing as possible. In detoxification, my goal is always to use what works without further harming the patient and I use many, many things.
“The Master Cleanse is simple and combines & surpasses many other detox methods. It literally has been a God-send to my practice. I am grateful to Peter Glickman for seeing, loving, and promoting the values of this cleanse.”
James F. Coy, M.D., Past President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Punta Gorda, Florida
“The Master Cleanser is a valuable healing tool when used in the right ways. I have worked
with thousands of people in overseeing their detoxification programs. Peter Glickman’s book
is a useful guide
filled with anecdotes, experience and guidance for those wanting to learn
more about cleansing.”
Elson M. Haas, MD
Integrated Medicine Physician
Author, The New Detox Diet and Staying Healthy with the Seasons
“It has been known for several thousand years that most illness comes from the colon. Few
remember that at one time, colon therapists were an integral part of the general medical
practice in America.
“As part of prevention, keeping your colon clean and healthy is of prime importance. That is
one of the reasons the Master Cleanse is a great tool for those seeking prevention of illness.
“I respect Peter Glickman for doing a great job of not only explaining what to do, but also sharing with you others’ experiences and support. Great health does not have to be expensive.”
Carlos M. Garcia, MD