Poor Health

I gave a talk the other night to 60 people at a local health food store. Part of the talk was that the wrong definition of health leads to death. That’s a pretty strong statement, but it’s true.
Before we define health, we need to define life because the two are interrelated. Life is motion toward an objective. It’s pretty clear that no motion equals death. A dead animal is no longer moving. The heart is no longer beating. Even a single-celled creature moves to “eat” and reproduce. Plants grow. When they stop growing, they’re dead.
But it’s more than just motion; the scientist will tell you that water boils because the molecules of water are moving around rapidly. It’s motion toward an objective. Boiling water moves randomly. Animals move toward food, shelter, and play. Plants move toward the sun. Men move toward their dreams and goals. In fact, the more dreams a person has, the more alive we might say he is. Men without any dreams or goals are practically dead and if not factually dead, will be soon. So, life is motion toward an objective.


Health is a strong interest in life and abundant energy to pursue that interest. Health is that which permits a person to live well, not a lack of disease. Let’s look at an example. A woman who feels no energy and has no interest in things anymore is not healthy by our definition. Something needs to be done for her. By the current medical definition, she’s normal, not sick or “healthy.” Nothing will be done to permit her to reclaim her dreams and her motion toward them. Using the correct definition of health leads to people who are active and contributing to one another; thus, strengthening society. And it is observable that people who have a strong interest in life and are pursuing it tend to have less disease.
Using the wrong definition of health, prevents handling why people are not actively pursuing an interest in their life. It is also observable that the idle, the out of work, the shiftless have much higher rates of illness.
Let’s spread the correct definition of health. It leads to happier and healthier people.