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In July 2012, I learned about a unique supplement that was producing near miraculous results. Not a vitamin, mineral or antioxidant it contained the extract of a fertilized egg taken on the ninth day of life. Why the ninth day? Because that is the day before the egg bursts into life as a chicken embryo.
Wheatgrass and barley grass are known to multiply their nutritional content many times when they sprout. In the same way, a fertilized chicken’s egg has the most nutritional value just before the embryo forms on the tenth day.
Because it is taken before the animal is formed, it can promote growth in nearly all vertebrates: man, horses, cats, dogs, etc. These growth factors (not growth hormones) increase certain brain chemicals where they are deficient and decrease others, leading to reduced stress, better sleep, more energy and a feeling of well being.
Here’s a list of some of the benefits people have gotten from StemActive:

  • Increase energy and endurance
  • Improve focus, attention and concentration
  • Improve sleep for better recovery
  • Repair damaged cells
  • Naturally balance hormones
  • Faster recovery between workouts or competition
  • Proven stress reduction for athletes
  • Prolong peak athletic performance
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Reduce pain and inflammation

These same growth factors are the same ones found in human embryos and are the ones responsible for triggering stem cells to generate new skin, nerve, brain and bone cells. Some think it is these new cells that contribute to the near miraculous results. If you have read my recent newsletters, you have seen some great testimonials.
In April 2014, the same person who told me about that supplement told me about a newer supplement that takes the same shark cartilage and egg extract and boosts their results by adding three additional ingredients. The product was not yet available. So, I spent some time learning more about the science behind it. Now that the supplement is available, I am sharing what I found with you.
It is all organic, wild-crafted and non-GMO without sugar, soy protein, corn, wheat, gluten, dairy or artificial colors.
One of the three additional ingredients is AlgaeCal, a marine source of calcium, which has been shown to actually increase bone density. In addition, the calcium in AlgaeCal is more absorbable than yogurt, spirulina or other calcium supplements. However, the additional ingredient that got me most excited was aloe vera extract.
Stanley Burroughs in his book The Master Cleanser says that maple syrup is a “balanced blend of positive and negative sugars.” I knew that table sugar and too much glucose (blood sugar) were negative for the body, but I did not understand positive sugar.
In studying aloe vera, I discovered positive sugars. They are part of chemicals that join sugars and proteins, called glycoproteins (glycol = sugar and protein). These are a structural part of our cell walls and the substance that holds the cells together. Click here to see all 11 essential functions they perform in the body.

The protein makes up the structure and the carbohydrate acts as a receiver of chemical signals. You can see how they create a “fuzzy” covering on the cell in the microphotograph below.

These antennas send and receive cell to cell signals which get the cell into action to fight invaders (immune system), transport vitamins and hormones or act as enzymes, to mention a few. When you think about how vital these functions are, you can see why I became excited about the possibilities.
Aloe vera has been used medicinally for at least 4,000 years for such a wide range of problems that it is impossible to list them all. You can find them by searching Google for “aloe vera juice benefits.”
As with anything I recommend, I tried it myself when it became available and found it effective for me. It may or may not be so for you. I have more energy, greater mental clarity, better sleep than before.
Anyone with egg allergies should not take StemActive.
There’s even been a study on the main ingredient in StemRenu published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, July 2011: “The Effects of Powdered Fertilized Eggs on Depression.”