Laminine Booklets

5.5″ x 8.5″ 16-page booklets about Laminine: the science behind it, how to take it and when to expect results.Great for handing to prospects so they have something in their hand.

“I learned about Peter’s booklet that provides a really nice overview of Laminine and decided I wanted to have a copy to share with some clients who would be receiving services for a 10 day period at my office. I requested the DVD and booklet, but needed to receive it quickly due to the time constraints. Peter mailed it the same day and I received it in 2 days, giving me plenty of time to share with clients. One of them read the booklet after our initial meeting when I introduced Laminine, and ordered that evening. Another read the booklet in my waiting room after the meeting and ordered the following day. Several others have read it and I believe they will be ordering Laminine, but they wanted to listen to a few audio calls and view the video so they had more information. A few also want to talk with their doctors before ordering since there are unique special needs involved and the parents want to be cautious. I have a call with their doctor to share information very soon! This material is an excellent resource for presenting Laminine to clients and friends. Thank you, Peter!”

Prices include Priority Mail postage within the US.
10 for $27.50

20 for $37.50

50 for $90.50

100 for $165.50