How to Protect Every Cell in Your Body

December 14, 2015 Nutrition

Protandim is an herbal supplement that has been shown to protect every cell in the body from damage caused by pollution, radiation, psychological stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, illness, injury, inflammation and exercise. It does this by activating more than 500 survival genes in every cell. Click here or on the image below to [...]

Supplements sold through network marketing – blessing or snake oil?

December 6, 2015 Nutrition

New-concept health products are those that break new ground. They require consumer education which would cost hundreds of millions of dollars if done through advertising. Network marketing allows a company with a new-concept product to get the story told at much less cost. This encourages innovation. Health products sold through network marketing are sometimes accused [...]

Your Body Is Rusting Inside. Can You Slow It Down?

November 2, 2015 Alternative Medicine
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Rust is an example of oxidation, which is changing something chemically by combining it with oxygen. Fire is another example of oxidation. Smother the fire (remove the oxygen) and the fire goes out. Burning leaves in the yard or burning gasoline in your car’s engine are both examples of oxidation. Oxidation can also happen without [...]

Not Enough Water = High Cholesterol, Diabetes & Kidney Disease?

October 5, 2015 Alternative Medicine

Not drinking enough water can increase your risk of high cholesterol, diabetes and kidney disease. Those are only 3 of the 12 most common symptoms of chronic dehydration. And dehydration can raise blood sugar! A good rule of thumb, is drink eight 8-oz. glasses of water or other non-sweetened (especially artificially sweetened) beverages per day. [...]

Seven Reasons to Drink More Water That Will Surprise You!

July 12, 2015 Alternative Medicine

Being dehydrated causes more problems than you think. Driving simulation tests showed that dehydrated men made the same number of errors as drunk drivers! The non-dehydrated drivers had 47 errors compared to 101 for dehydrated drivers–similar to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol! Dehydration causes less saliva in your mouth. Since saliva is [...]

Natural, non-GMO or organic: What’s the difference?

April 13, 2015 Nutrition

Natural In the United States, “natural” or “all natural” does NOT mean that the food was produced and processed organically. In fact, FDA has no standards for use of the term “natural.” This is the least regulated and potentially most hype. The 4:25 video below tells the story well. Non-GMO “Non-GMO” means non-genetically modified. Genetically [...]

Your Body Can Heal Itself!

November 5, 2011 Alternative Medicine

Modern medicine is built on the concept of disease. The modern medical doctor is taught to observe the patient’s symptoms and run diagnostic tests then compare that information to what diseases are known to create those symptoms. Once he picks out the disease causing those symptoms, he prescribes the currently accepted treatment for that disease [...]