Master Cleanse

My results on Day 11 of my 25th Master Cleanse and a new tip

July 23, 2017 Master Cleanse

This is my second cleanse in 3.5 months. I’m finding myself more relaxed. My blood pressure, which had been up around 170/84 the last few weeks is now back to 120/78 and my glucose, which usually runs around 130 is now down to 96. I fall asleep naturally between 8:30 and midnight and wake up [...]

Why Cleanse?

February 27, 2017 Alternative Medicine

Super Size Me is a very entertaining, documentary that shows what happens when the central character, Morgan Spurlock, goes on a 30-day McDonald’s-only diet. For 30 days, he eats breakfast, lunch and dinner at McDonald’s. Nothing passes his lips that is not purchased at McDonald’s. And whenever they ask him if he wants it super-sized, [...]

Diet reduces heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure & Alzheimers

December 5, 2016 Master Cleanse

The National Institute of Aging funded a study over a period of four and a half years among 960 older adults who were free of dementia at the beginning of the study. Averaging 81.4 years in age, the study participants were residents of more than 40 retirement communities and senior public housing units in the [...]

The Purpose of a Parent

November 27, 2016 Master Cleanse

This Thanksgiving, I watched my son as he talked over some things with his son, my grandson. My son is 40 and his son is 17. Besides the joking, food and sharing recipes, there was the usual concern about high school grades, chores and car payments. But what struck me was the way my son [...]

Sex, Love and Marriage

August 29, 2016 Master Cleanse

My wife and I have occasionally talked about wanting to teach a course on marriage to young people about to pledge their lives to one another since sex, love and marriage are so essential to life and health. In fact, my wife takes great pleasure in family counseling of couples and children. Since I’m the [...]

The Most Comfortable Way to Detox!

July 18, 2016 Master Cleanse

What’s the most comfortable way to detox? I’ll tell you in a minute, but the same relaxing protocol also helps correct a mineral deficiency that more than half of all Americans have…and that mineral is essential for more than 325 enzyme reactions in your body! Epsom salts, magnesium sulfate, besides being a great way to [...]

The newest advance in body performance and anti-aging explained

May 20, 2016 Master Cleanse

Nearly all of a cell’s energy is produced in small organs inside each cell of our bodies, called mitochondria. You can think of these as chemical furnaces. Unfortunately, a side effect of their energy production process is the creation of free radicals, which “steal” electrons from the chemicals that make up the cell and thus [...]

Thanksgiving: Gratitude Alone Improves Health

November 22, 2015 Master Cleanse

“Count your blessings.” Say, “Thank you.” Good manners? Yes. but in addition to making our social group stronger, they also make us happier and healthier. Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, and author of “Gratitude Works!” conducted several studies that revealed the benefits of writing down things for which we [...]

How to renew, not just preserve, your body naturally

November 8, 2015 Master Cleanse

Most supplements are fuel for the body. Vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants are the day-to-day fuel that your cells need to produce energy and life. As they are burned up, they must be replaced continually, but they don’t renew the body. Protandim and StemRenu actually renew your body. For example, your body contains stem cells which [...]

Six Things to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

August 24, 2015 Master Cleanse

Eight months ago, I discovered I had high blood pressure, about 190/120.  I was shocked. I knew that I’d not done more than one or two Master Cleanses in the last several years due to a pressing schedule, but even so…. Well, I decided to handle it naturally and spent the next 8 months discovering [...]