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My Mom (83) has struggled with memory issues and with blood sugar issues for several years. Both of these situations rendered her unable to live alone, so I became her 24/7 caregiver for the past 2+ years – both at her home in Virginia…then when she moved into our home 1-1/2 years ago. Her doctors in Virginia and in California were unable to make any headway with either of these issues. She had the classic symptoms of low blood sugar that continued to worsen over the 2 years I have been intimately involved in her life, even though I have made some significant dietary improvements and added some key supplements to her daily regimen.
This summer (2014) she had become almost unmanageable. She had severe shakiness (tremors) throughout the day (which sometimes improved when she ate…but not always); she had anxiety, chills, irritability, confusion, memory loss, rapid heartbeat, lightheadedness, dizziness, sleepiness (frequent complaints of being tired with long naps between meals), headaches, weakness, fatigue, crying…through her tears…”what is wrong with me?”, stubbornness and sadness, and the thing that really got me was a really bad mood…hyper-focused on herself…would only look down at the ground…if she spoke to me it was in a really “snarky” argumentative way. My mother – who had ALWAYS been loving & kind (my uncle called her “saint doris”) was now an extremely nasty, miserable woman and a real challenge to live with.
Believe me when I say I tried everything. She has been on a whole foods plant-based diet for 2 years; she gets fresh greens juice in the morning, a power-packed protein smoothie, only organic food, gluten-free, meals or snacks every 2 to 2-1/2 hours (all home-made food…nothing processed), alkaline ionized water, etc. She has been taking supplements known to assist with her memory & blood sugar issues.
This summer, her medical doctor did put her on a medication for irregular heartbeat. This did help her a bit…but most of the symptoms above continued, but at a lesser extent. Her blood work (taken several times throughout the past 2 years continued to show her as “within normal limits” or only slightly less than normal…even her A1C & blood glucose tests did not reveal any real serious blood sugar issues…yet her symptoms continued.
In desperation I took her to my naturopathic doctor at the end of the summer, when her medical doctor could not recommend anything further. Additional blood work revealed definite low blood sugar issues as the major concern. Only a few adjustments were made to her diet & supplementation, as the N.D. was extremely pleased with what I had already implemented.
As each day passed, my mom was miserable and I as her caregiver was spending almost every waking hour trying to feed her, respond to her symptoms and/or try to figure out what else could be done to help. By September I had started to shop for nursing homes as I was beginning to feel I could not provide the care my Mom needed…we were both miserable!
Along came StemRenu. During the summer you had talked with me about StemRenu, but I was so overwhelmed taking care of Mom that I did not take the time to investigate it further. I was also very reluctant to give her anything new that was not recommended by her M.D. or N.D. for fear of making things worse. But out of desperation, and a desire to see if maybe…just maybe StemRenu would help, I decided we had NOTHING TO LOSE.
So on October 9 I gave her 1 StemRenu in the morning. She finished her breakfast for the first time in months; had no noticeable shaking, worked a crossword puzzle and she even watched TV in the evening with my husband and I (something she hadn’t done for many months). I continued to give her 1 StemRenu in the morning for the next few days. Increased her StemRenu to 2/day a few days later…and on October 16 I upped her to 3 StemRenu per day (1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 1 at bedtime).
In my journal on October 14 (only 5 days later) I wrote “HOLY MOLY…BEST DAY IN A LONG TIME! DRAMATIC TRANSFORMATION!
My mother’s transformation is nothing short of a miracle thanks to StemRenu. The transformation has been quick & sustaining. I am 100% sure that the addition of StemRenu is life-changing for her (and for me).
We now have a “new” normal…and that normal is continuing to improve as each day passes:

  • Whereas my mother would wake up shaking violently from low blood sugar, she now wakes with either no shaking at all, or only minor shaking that disappears quickly after StemRenu and her morning smoothie.
  • Absolutely no nausea, no dizziness, no weakness, no lightheadedness, etc.
  • Absolutely no anxiety, irritability or impatience.
  • Almost no sleepiness during the day…she now enjoys a full day of activities at home and outside the home; she is back to reading her books, working her crossword, helping with chores around the house, joining me on errands and even asking to go to the local Senior Center for some of their programs. You just don’t know how shocking this is to me!
  • No headaches whatsoever.
  • The BEST change (for her and for me) is that she is nice again…no anger, no nastiness, no snakiness. My Mom is back to being kind, loving, appreciative, aware of others. And she now participates in conversation about everything from day-to-day life to politics and what is going on in the world.
  • She now participates with us as a family…she joins us for meals (instead of hibernating in her room). She spends time with us as a family when my adult children are home…she pays attention to our dogs & cats and clearly enjoys everyone’s company as family normally does.
  • Her memory is clearly improved…others have noticed this and commented. Her mind is clearer and she remembers things she would have never remembered even 2 years ago.
  • The need for nursing home care is now unnecessary…it looks like she will be able to continue living with us for many years to come.

The unbelievable & positive impact StemRenu has had on my Mom’s life is truly miraculous. I thought it might help her…but I had no idea that help would be so absolutely amazing. I am extremely grateful for StemRenu and to Steve Koochin, Peter Glickman, Dr. Chris Morris & Tina Johnson for introducing me to StemRenu…and being patient with me throughout these past few months. I wish now I had started my Mom on StemRenu sooner…but thank goodness I didn’t wait too long.
As for me…I am taking 4 StemRenu per day and I don’t want to ever live without it. I had been taking another similar product on a daily basis so I honestly didn’t expect much to happen…I was quite surprised when I started noticing big differences:

  • I noticed an immediate boost in my energy levels.
  • An ability to focus more intently on the many many tasks I manage each day…an ability to complete things more quickly…making me more productive.
  • A definite improvement in my memory (much to my husband’s chagrin)!
  • An even greater reduction of my stress level (I started taking StemRenu about 6 weeks before
  • I gave it to my Mom…so while I was taking care of her during these very challenging time, I was able to manage the stress much better than one would think.
  • My overall mood is much more positive. Instead of bemoaning the challenges I’ve been facing with my Mom, I’ve been able to stay positive and look for win-win solutions.
  • I have lost a few additional pounds, even though I have not changed my diet…what girl wouldn’t be happy with a few less pounds!
  • My dreams are much more intense and positive and memorable.
  • My eyesight is improved too…so much so that I am wondering if I need an new eye exam even though I just got a new RX and new glasses about 6 months ago.
  • And another benefit is that the migraine headaches I had been having (especially in the morning due to low blood sugar) are now 99% gone!

I have never felt so good…quite honestly. I am 60 years old, yet I look & feel many years younger…even more so in these 2 months I’ve been taking StemRenu.
WOW! I am super happy for me, my husband and my Mom!
Linda Gates

In July 2012, I learned about a unique supplement that was producing near miraculous results. Not a vitamin, mineral or antioxidant it contained the extract of a fertilized egg taken on the ninth day of life. Why the ninth day? Because that is the day before the egg bursts into life as a chicken embryo.
Wheatgrass and barley grass are known to multiply their nutritional content many times when they sprout. In the same way, a fertilized chicken’s egg has the most nutritional value just before the embryo forms on the tenth day.
Because it is taken before the animal is formed, it can promote growth in nearly all vertebrates: man, horses, cats, dogs, etc. These growth factors (not growth hormones) increase certain brain chemicals where they are deficient and decrease others, leading to reduced stress, better sleep, more energy and a feeling of well being.
Here’s a more complete list of benefits people have gotten from StemRenu:

  • Increase energy and endurance
  • Improve focus, attention and concentration
  • Improve sleep for better recovery
  • Repair damaged cells
  • Naturally balance hormones
  • Faster recovery between workouts or competition
  • Proven stress reduction for athletes
  • Prolong peak athletic performance
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Reduce pain and inflammation

These same growth factors are the same ones found in human embryos and are the ones responsible for triggering stem cells to generate new skin, nerve, brain and bone cells. Some think it is these new cells that contribute to the near miraculous results. If you have read my recent newsletters, you have seen some great testimonials.
In April 2014, the same person who told me about that supplement told me about a newer supplement that takes the same shark cartilage and egg extract and boosts their results by adding three additional ingredients. The product was not yet available. So, I spent some time learning more about the science behind it. Now that the supplement is available, I am sharing what I found with you.
It is all organic, wild-crafted and non-GMO without sugar, soy protein, corn, wheat, gluten, dairy or artificial colors.
One of the three additional ingredients is AlgaeCal, a marine source of calcium, which has been shown to actually increase bone density. In addition, the calcium in AlgaeCal is more absorbable than yogurt, spirulina or other calcium supplements. However, the additional ingredient that got me most excited was aloe vera extract.
Stanley Burroughs in his book The Master Cleanser says that maple syrup is a “balanced blend of positive and negative sugars.” I knew that table sugar and too much glucose (blood sugar) were negative for the body, but I did not understand positive sugar.
In studying aloe vera, I discovered positive sugars. They are part of chemicals that join sugars and proteins, called glycoproteins (glycol = sugar and protein). These are a structural part of our cell walls and the substance that holds the cells together. Click here to see all 11 essential functions they perform in the body.

The protein makes up the structure and the carbohydrate acts as a receiver of chemical signals. You can see how they create a “fuzzy” covering on the cell in the microphotograph below.

These antennas send and receive cell to cell signals which get the cell into action to fight invaders (immune system), transport vitamins and hormones or act as enzymes, to mention a few. When you think about how vital these functions are, you can see why I became excited about the possibilities.
Aloe vera has been used medicinally for at least 4,000 years for such a wide range of problems that it is impossible to list them all. You can find them by searching Google for “aloe vera juice benefits.”
As with anything I recommend, I tried it myself when it became available in August 2014 and I found it even more effective for me than the previous supplement. It may or may not be so for you. I have more energy, greater mental clarity, better sleep than before.
I’m still providing Laminine to those who are getting great results from it, but for new people (or those who got results from Laminine earlier, but not lately) I recommend StemRenu.
StemRenu is actually less expensive than Laminine because a bottle of Laminine only has 30 capsules and StemRenu has 60.
Anyone with egg allergies should not take StemRenu.
Click here for instructions for taking StemRenu.

There’s even been a study on the main ingredient in StemRenu published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, July 2011: “The Effects of Powdered Fertilized Eggs on Depression.”
“I’ve never been a fan of dieting, medicine, vitamins or supplements of any kind. Before starting StemRenu my legs were numb from the knees down. After my first week on the product, I regained 10% feeling in my legs and feet! After two weeks, I regained 20% feelings in my legs. After 3 weeks, I regained 40% feelings in my legs! After 23 days on StemRenu, I’ve regained 50% feelings in my legs!In the morning, I can now get out of bed and actually walk! This process used to take at least 15 to 20 minutes. I’m experiencing major improvement in the evening as well as the morning.! Also, I’ve changed my diet, lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks as a result of a friend’s advice I’m drinking lots more water and walking ​ a mile a few times a week . Last week I ​kayaked 10 miles with no muscle soreness or tiredness! I’m looking forward to continued success! — HJ, TX
Best wishes for your vibrant good health,
Peter Glickman