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Neutralize the Effects of Toxins on Your Body

Using the unique paramagnetic minerals identified by Kim Dandurand to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste in landfills, the Aulterra Energy Pillow neutralizes the effects of heavy metals and other toxins.
DNA researcher, Glen Rein, completed a study in which he was able to ”… clearly demonstrate the ability of the energy from Aulterra’s powder to neutralize the toxic effect of copper [a heavy metal] on human DNA.” This neutralizing effect was observed both with and without direct contact of Aulterra on the DNA.
That same powder is contained in this pillow, which can give you an extra measure of protection from toxins in your environment by activating DNA to support healing.
The same study demonstrated that exposure to Aulterra’s healing energy induces [causes without contact] an effect in DNA that is associated only with healthy, normally functioning DNA and is essential to achieving a constant state of healing, balance and harmony.
The pillow is a 6″ x 6″ sachet in satin with a very attractive Aulterra logo. It comes in blue, purple, green and white, which color you get depends on what’s in stock.