Your body is electric and, in fact, your cells generate energy and move oxygen and nutrients in and waste out because of electrical charges. The inner cell nucleus is mainly protein and carries a positive charge. The outer cell membrane is primarily essential fats and carries a negative charge because these essential fats have electron “clouds” that make the cell permeable. (These fats are called essential because your body cannot make them. They have to be consumed in your food on a regular basis for normal function to occur. Thus they are an essential part of your diet.) However, they tend to go rancid quickly.
Modern food manufacturers solved the rancidity problem by altering them to have longer shelf life. The process is called hydrogenation and its products are called partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats. This in essence meant removing the electron clouds. As you might guess, food that can sit on a store shelf for years without going rancid doesn’t have the same vital properties as unadulterated food.
There have been numerous studies showing Omega 3 essential fatty acids improve happiness and reduce violence in students and even prison convicts! (“Omega-3, junk food and the link between violence and what we eat,” Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian, 16 October 2006)
The hydrogenated fats sold as cooking oils in grocery stores today are extracted from corn, sunflowers and other plants using extreme heat and chemicals. They have no electron clouds left, which kills the electrical charge of the cell. So, the cells can’t generate as much energy as when they had essential fats with strong negative charges. In addition, since the electron clouds are what allows the oxygen, nutrients and waste to move through the cell wall, cell membranes formed from de-natured oils are no longer as permeable. Thus nutrients and oxygen have trouble getting into the cells and waste has trouble getting out of the cells.
Several other studies have shown that omega 3 essential fatty acids can reduce the risk of heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, vision degeneration and gum disease. As for mental improvement, omega 3 essential fatty acids have been shown to reduce the risks of dementia, depression, attention-deficit disorder, dyslexia and schizophrenia. Finally, a 2006 study published in a surgical journal found Omega 3 essential fatty acids very effective in reducing non-surgical neck and spine pain.