Why do most people fail? They accept the pronouncements of others as fact without testing to see if it is true.
“The Earth is flat. You’ll sail off the edge.” “If man was meant to fly, he would have been born with wings.” Sadly, but predictably, the Master Cleanse falls prey to the same behavior. A survey I did in 2005 of more than 100 people who had done at least one 10-day Master Cleanse showed that everyone improved their diet after the cleanse, 96% were happier and recommended the Master Cleanse, 80% had more energy and less than 1% had any problems with the Master Cleanse and any medications. And yet, most of them found other people were negative about the cleanse.
I remember being on Fox TV ‘s Good Morning Show with a medical doctor they brought on to debate it with me. (The media loves controversy and will even create it where it doesn’t exist just for ratings.) He went on about how it was unhealthy, but had never done it himself or even knew of anyone personally who had done it!
Recently a lady from Australia wrote me and asked how the Master Cleanse could possibly work given “the body goes into starvation mode and holds onto fat.” I replied that whoever suggested that idea had never done the Master Cleanse themselves or even known first-hand anyone who has done it. Joel Fuhrman, MD, on page 12 of his book Fasting – and Eating – for Health describes starvation as not eating after the nutritional reserves are used up. He points out that the normal person, even a thin person, has enough reserves for at least 28 days without additional food. And this is a doctor who uses fasting to cure diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease! Fasting is NOT starvation. Herbert Shelton, who fasted more than 30,000 people, made the same point in his book The Science and Fine Art of Fasting.
Many more times people fail because they hold themselves back from even trying to accomplish what they want. This is almost always the result of being told often earlier in life “You can’t do that.” or “If you try that, I’ll [something negative].” You may fail the first few times you attempt something, but you only fail in the long run if you quit trying. Don’t let others convince you to quit trying!
What is glorious in each of us is what makes us unique. Let your unique ideas and plans shine.