What is it like after 27 days? I have had no hunger, although I do enjoy smelling food, but have no desire to eat it. I have great mental focus and clarity and have finished writing, laying out and publishing a 22-page booklet. I have taken my wife out to eat twice. She eats. I smell her food and drink lemonade or water. I am now sleeping six or seven hours a night with no naps except for three detox days. I have dropped 22 pounds from 198.6 to 177.0 and started to run again for exercise at age 68. I have noticed that when my weight drops below 180, I want to exercise. I am happy and stably so.
I have done the salt water flush most days. When I do not, I drink another cup of laxative tea in the morning. And yes, there is still some mostly solid eliminations coming out–even after 26 days! When will I quit? When my tongue turns clear or when hunger returns for healthy food.
But it wasn’t always this way. In June 2002, I had no energy and food, any kind of food at all–healthy or junk–was my enemy. I weighed over 230 pounds and was really too fat for my size 40 shorts. At that point, my wife had been eating a 100% raw food diet and was dazzlingly healthy. So, I decided to go 100% raw along with her.
By Jan. 4, 2003, I was down to 198 pounds, had energy and was feeling good. However, it seemed there was something in my body I needed to get out. Researching on the Internet, I discovered what I needed was a cleanse. However, there were so many: colon, kidney, liver, gall bladder, parasite, etc. While trying to learn what was the best sequence to do them in, I discovered the Master Cleanse that did them all! Twenty days later, I was down to 175 pounds and felt fabulous!
For the next five years, I did a Master Cleanse every three or four months and stayed at 175 and had energy to spare and ate a mostly raw, mostly vegetarian diet. Then I began a seven year research project that required eating every day. By December 15, 2014, I had fallen back into eating mostly cooked food, sugary snacks, not drinking enough water and not exercising. My weight was 198.6, my fasting glucose (blood sugar) was at an unhealthy 155, my cholesterol and triglycerides were very, very high, my blood pressure was around 175/86 and my kidney function was impaired, which made me sleep nine or ten hours a day.
I am happy to report that after seven days my fasting glucose came down to normal range–below 100. After 19 days, my triglycerides are 1/4 of what they were and cholesterol is 3/4 of what it was. Both are now out of the danger zone, although still high–but that was eight days ago and I have another week or so to go. My blood pressure has come down to a healthy 120-140/78-82. I believe that my kidney function has improved markedly because I’m not sleeping so long, but I’ll have to wait until after the Master Cleanse is over because fasting causes the blood test for kidney function to falsely report bad numbers.
I have only had three days of being lightheaded for a while. I used to think that being lightheaded was due to the fasting and felt some days of that during my first seven or eight cleanses. Then I read Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book Fasting – and Eating – for Health. In it, he makes the point that feeling is due to detoxing and it seems to be true.
So, there you have it. My results of 27 days on the Master Cleanse. I’m looking forward to the rest of it.