When you combine a protein and a carbohydrate (sugar) into one molecule, you get a glycoprotein (glyco = sugar). I call these glycoproteins STRUCTURAL SUGARS to call attention to the fact that they ARE NOT SWEET TABLE SUGAR. Diabetics need not be concerned. These STRUCTURAL SUGARS WILL NOT INCREASE BLOOD SUGAR. In fact, THEY SUPPORT NORMAL BLOOD SUGAR.

The protein becomes part of the cell wall and the carbohydrate acts as an “exterior” antenna on the cell wall to receive and broadcast biological signals to other cells.

Below is an actual microphotograph of the glucoprotein surrounding a bacteria. Your body cells have a similar layer, which is what permits cell to cell communication and recognition.

Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

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In the 1990s, hundreds of different carbohydrate molecules were discovered. These studies were the outgrowth of earlier studies of Aloe Vera healing properties in the 1980s. Of the hundreds of carbohydrate molecules, the body requires eight to permit cell to cell communication. These eight are called essential because you must get them from your food.
Seven of these eight key carbohydrates are found in the inner gel of Aloe Vera. One of the most important is mannose, which permits your immune system to recognize which bacteria, viruses and diseased cells to attack.
Aloe’s glycoproteins have different sizes and weights and each size has a unique function in the body. Note, the first three are found in other plants to one degree or another, but only Aloe Vera has the very large carbohydrates.

  1. The small ones reduce inflammation, help digestion and help to reduce blood sugar for type I and II diabetics.
  2. The medium ones act as antioxidants to eliminate free radicals, which is vital with our increasing pollution and loss of nutrients in the soil.
  3. The large ones combat bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses. These functions are vital to protect you from new diseases, which is important since the number of new infectious diseases has been increasing lately.
  4. The very large ones are essential for proper immune function. Their powerful healing effect enables them to increase or decrease immune system functions and thus be of possible value for several different immune system disorders, including cancer. In fact, the USDA has approved a particular Aloe Vera glycoprotein (acemannan) for use as part of veterinary treatment for a type of cancer in dogs and cats. It stimulates the immune system to shut off the blood supply to tumors.

Best of all, these benefits come without harmful side effects.
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