It is the toxins that Americans are eating and drinking that is causing the epidemic of overweight. Our bodies cannot handle the volume of toxins we consume on a daily basis.

Think processed food does not have toxins? In the article “Why McDonald’s Fries Taste So Good” (The Atlantic Monthly, January 2001), the author, Eric Schlosser, says “About 90 percent of the money that Americans now spend on food goes to buy processed food.” He goes on to say that the flavor is replaced with chemicals to add flavor. For example, there are approximately 350 different chemicals in high quality artificial strawberry flavor.

Further in his article, he says, “One of the most widely used color additives …, cochineal [pronounced koash-a-neil] extract … is made from the [dried] bodies of [a small] female … insect harvested mainly in Peru and the Canary Islands. The bug feeds on red cactus berries, and color from the berries accumulates in the females and their unhatched [young]. The insects are collected, dried, and ground into a pigment. It takes about 70,000 of them to produce a pound of carmine, which is used to make processed foods look pink, red, or purple. Dannon strawberry yogurt gets its color from carmine, and so do many frozen fruit bars, candies, and fruit fillings, and Ocean Spray pink-grapefruit juice drink.”


The artificial sweetener Aspartame, also sold as NutraSweet, Equal, Equal Measure, and Spoonful is another good example. The Food and Drug Administration has a system that permits people to report bad health reactions to food and drugs. According to David Rietz’s website (, in February of 1994, Aspartame accounted for more than 75% of all bad reactions reported!

A Plane and Pilot magazine article in January 1990 on food additives explained that diet soft drinks are sweetened artificially by Aspartame (called NutraSweet or Equal). Aspartame contains 10% methanol, a poison, that is released at temperatures above 86º or if left on the shelf for a long time.

The article goes on to say that methanol destroys the brain a little at a time. Immediate effects can either be severe (epileptic seizures, blindness, or chest palpitations) or less noticeable (blurred vision, bright flashes, tunnel vision, ringing or buzzing in ears, migraine headaches, dizziness, loss of equilibrium, or lip and mouth reactions). It reports on an Air Force pilot who directly traced the patterns of tremors and seizures he suffered for two years to his consuming NutraSweet in beverages. His medical problems ceased when he quit drinking NutraSweet.

By the way, on 27 June 1996, without public notice, the FDA removed all restrictions from Aspartame allowing it to be used in everything, including all heated and baked goods. (

This article is an excerpt from the “Introduction” to Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days.