Master Cleanse

The newest advance in body performance and anti-aging explained

May 20, 2016 Master Cleanse

Nearly all of a cell’s energy is produced in small organs inside each cell of our bodies, called mitochondria. You can think of these as chemical furnaces. Unfortunately, a side effect of their energy production process is the creation of free radicals, which “steal” electrons from the chemicals that make up the cell and thus [...]

Thanksgiving: Gratitude Alone Improves Health

November 22, 2015 Master Cleanse

“Count your blessings.” Say, “Thank you.” Good manners? Yes. but in addition to making our social group stronger, they also make us happier and healthier. Robert Emmons, professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, and author of “Gratitude Works!” conducted several studies that revealed the benefits of writing down things for which we [...]

How to renew, not just preserve, your body naturally

November 8, 2015 Master Cleanse

Most supplements are fuel for the body. Vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants are the day-to-day fuel that your cells need to produce energy and life. As they are burned up, they must be replaced continually, but they don’t renew the body. Protandim and StemRenu actually renew your body. For example, your body contains stem cells which [...]

Six Things to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

August 24, 2015 Master Cleanse

Eight months ago, I discovered I had high blood pressure, about 190/120.  I was shocked. I knew that I’d not done more than one or two Master Cleanses in the last several years due to a pressing schedule, but even so…. Well, I decided to handle it naturally and spent the next 8 months discovering [...]

A 3:28 Video That Will Stir Your Soul and Improve Health!

June 1, 2015 Master Cleanse

Jamie Oliver is a TV chef, campaigner, cookbook author and the owner of several chains of restaurants and is also quietly and strategically using all the weapons at his disposal, many of which are technology based, such as tis YouTube music video, to make a real difference to global public health. I’d like to help [...]

Why Do Most People Fail?

April 19, 2015 Master Cleanse

Why do most people fail? They accept the pronouncements of others as fact without testing to see if it is true. “The Earth is flat. You’ll sail off the edge.” “If man was meant to fly, he would have been born with wings.” Sadly, but predictably, the Master Cleanse falls prey to the same behavior. [...]

Eight signs you might be deficient in serotonin

March 2, 2015 Master Cleanse

Serotonin deficiencies in the brain may result in: carbohydrate cravings poor sleep depression and lack of a feeling of well-being low energy poor concentration and memory pms low libido higher sensitivity to pain However, only 5 or 10% of serotonin is manufactured in the brain. Ninety percent is manufactured in the small intestine and that [...]

When is 100% orange juice not orange Juice?

March 1, 2015 Master Cleanse

I was reading labels the other day and wanted some juice. They put fluoride in the water here in Clearwater/St. Petersburg, Florida and I wanted something without that. I thought 100% orange juice would be safe. The front of the Tropicana bottle I had in my hand said: 100% JUICE   Then, out of habit [...]

Neurotransmitters, what are they and why should you care?

February 16, 2015 Master Cleanse

Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain and nerves (neuro) that transmit (send) signals from one nerve cell to another. There are more than 100 such chemicals, but one of the best known ones is dopamine. A dopamine deficiency may result in hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, depression, Parkinson’s Disease or restless legs syndrome. ( On the [...]

Two Different Approaches: Medicine vs. Naturopathy

January 19, 2015 Master Cleanse

The modern practice of medicine consists of: The patient presenting herself with symptoms. The doctor records the patient’s symptoms. The doctor does an exam and takes the patient’s medical history to discover other symptoms. The doctor compares those symptoms with the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, which “condenses all of medical knowledge into 3500 [...]