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Why You Only Want to Buy Organic Strawberries!

April 18, 2016 Alternative Medicine

For the first time ever, strawberries lead the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen™ list for the fruit or vegetable with the highest number of pesticide residues, displacing apples, which headed the list for the last five years running. The “Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce,” updated every year since 2004, ranks pesticide contamination on 48 [...]

Three Reasons Adaptogens Are Better Than Medicine

April 4, 2016 Alternative Medicine

Adaptogens were discovered by a Russian scientist in 1947, fully defined by two Russian doctors in 1958 and finally accepted by the US FDA in 1988. An adaptogen does three things. 1) It produces no negative side  effects. 2) It effects more than one system of the body, such as the nervous system and hormone [...]

Eight Benefits of Turmeric That Will Surprise You

April 4, 2016 Alternative Medicine

  East Indian medicine has valued turmeric for thousands of years for its health benefits and we in the West are just beginning to catch on to it.Here’s a brief list of what it can do: 1. Fight inflammationChronic inflammation plays a key role in almost every chronic disease–heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and autoimmune [...]

What do Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Cancer have in Common?

March 14, 2016 Alternative Medicine

I’ve written before on how your body is rusting–your cells are being oxidized just like iron in the rain by free radicals from toxic exposure, smoking, trans fats, even exercise and the daily metabolism of your food for energy. These free radicals are oxygen molecules that are unstable and they damage the parts of the [...]

What is a Free Radical Anyway?

March 6, 2016 Alternative Medicine

In order to understand what a free radical is, we need to review some simple chemistry. Don’t worry. I’ll make it easy to understand. Molecules are composed of atoms. There are different types of molecules, such as water or wood. Atoms are composed of negative electrons which spin around the positive nucleus in the center [...]

10 Conditions Probiotics Can Help That Will Surprise You!

January 17, 2016 Alternative Medicine

Most people know that probiotics, the good bacteria in your gut, help digestion. However, most people and doctors would be surprised to know that probiotics have also been shown to help the following conditions: Anxiety and Depression Manhattan area psychiatrist, Kelly Brogan, heals minds through the digestive system. and Boston-area psychiatrist, James Greenblatt, also believes [...]

Your Body’s Overlooked Hero: Iodine!

November 29, 2015 Alternative Medicine

Iodine is essential, but your body cannot make it. So, it must come from your diet. Iodine is required for thyroid hormones and bone health. Deficiency can cause infertility and may increase the risk of thyroid, prostate, breast and ovarian cancer. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy can cause high blood pressure for the mother and mental [...]

Your Body Is Rusting Inside. Can You Slow It Down?

November 2, 2015 Alternative Medicine
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Rust is an example of oxidation, which is changing something chemically by combining it with oxygen. Fire is another example of oxidation. Smother the fire (remove the oxygen) and the fire goes out. Burning leaves in the yard or burning gasoline in your car’s engine are both examples of oxidation. Oxidation can also happen without [...]

Not Enough Water=High Cholesterol, Diabetes & Kidney Disease?

October 5, 2015 Alternative Medicine

Not drinking enough water can increase your risk of high cholesterol, diabetes and kidney disease. High blood sugar (diabetes) means an excess of blood sugar (glucose) per unit of blood. When you are dehydrated, your blood volume reduces therefore the same amount of blood sugar is now in less volume. Likewise, high cholesterol means an [...]

Even at 70, Cut Your Risk of Dying by 40% … Free!

July 20, 2015 Alternative Medicine

Not just heart disease, but this method can help you: Improve blood pressure Improve blood sugar levels Improve blood cholesterol Lower the risk of obesity Enhance mental well being Reduce the risk of osteoporosis Reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes (Reference: The Benefits of Walking) For [...]