Master Cleanse Ingredients Kit with Book

Master Cleanse kit with book


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Here’s the minimum one person needs to do a 10-day Master Cleanse and an instruction book.:

  • Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days has been on Amazon’s Alternative Medicine bestseller list for more than 4 years and has been translated into 7 foreign languages. It was specifically written to make the cleanse easier, answer all your questions and “hold your hand”,
  • 64 oz. of certified organic grade B maple syrup (the minimum 6 drinks a day for 10 days),
  • cayenne pepper (enough for more than 100 drinks!),
  • non-iodized sea salt (enough for 28 days),
  • herbal laxative tea (enough for 16 nights), and
  • herbal mint tea (enough for more than 10 days).
  • Suppliers sometimes run short, so the brands of maple syrup, tea, and/or cayenne pepper may be different from those pictured above.

(You’ll have to supply your own lemons, of course.)

I also strongly recommend you take probiotics AFTER the cleanse after you begin eating solid food to replace the good bacteria you lose when you clean your colon thoroughly. These good bacteria manufacture vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, and K and help control bad bacteria, such as Candida. By the way, don’t waste your money taking probiotics during the cleanse. They’ll just get washed out. Do it after the cleanse.

You might also want a drink bottle with the ounces marked for easy mixing and carrying your lemonade when you go out or to work.

Some people suggest psyllium husk and bentonite clay shakes during the cleanse. I don’t recommend it.Part of the power of the Master Cleanse is not eating any solid food so your body doesn’t have to digest anything. This frees the body to use that energy to repair the body. That’s one of the reasons most people have tremendous energy on the cleanse.

Also, some people sell cayenne pepper capsules. I don’t recommend them either.Master Herbalist, Dr. Richard Schulze, said that cayenne affects nerve endings in the mouth when taken and that taking capsules bypasses those beneficial effects. He said that people who take capsules don’t get the same results.

If you don’t like cayenne, it’s probably because you took too much at one time. So, start on a gradient. Take a little. Take as much as you can tolerate and still want to drink the lemonade. Then increase it.

The other thing you should know about cayenne is that not all cayenne is the same degree of hot!Some kinds of cayenne are very hot (90,000 HU–heat units). I include 30 – 40,000 HU cayenne powder.

As for salt, non-iodized sea salt is healthier as it contains more than 70 trace elements as opposed to just sodium and cloride in table salt. But more important, non-iodized sea salt is easier to drink in the salt water flush!

Celtic Sea Salt® is naturally harvested by a cooperative of farmers in Brittany, France. The method used for gathering the nutritional salt follows a 2,000 year-old Celtic tradition and is supported by modern quality control standards. The French Government prides itself in this unique resource and has preserved thousands of acres of pristine wild marsh, as a “National Treasure” and “Protected Site” so that these areas will continue to produce Celtic Sea Salt for centuries more. In 1991, the French Ministry of Forests and Agriculture gave its most honorable “Superior Quality Food” mention to Celtic Sea Salt.