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  1. ajiboye grace olabimpe:

    my name is Ajiboye Grace Olabimpe. Am from Nigeria, kwara state to be precise,l wnt 2 purpase a complete kit of master cleanser. May be u are d one dt cal me d other time, l was nt hearing u well, may be u should snd me a text message thrug my number nd give full detail on hwnd where l can get d kit in nigeria or thrugh shipping.txns.

  2. Peter Glickman:

    Hi Ajiboye,

    Yes, I’m the one who called you a couple days ago with Skype. I couldn’t hear you well, either.

    I have since discovered that the courier company that ships to Nigeria no longer accepts maple syrup as it is not allowed by customs. Using the US mail, the only two packages there were ever lost in foreign shipments were to Nigeria. So, I no longer ship there. Sorry.

    Use the fresh squeezed sugar cane recipe instead:

    10 oz. fresh squeezed sugar cane juice
    2 Tablespoons (1 oz.) fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice
    1/10 teaspoon (or to your taste) cayenne pepper

  3. ajiboye grace olabimpe:

    Hi, Mr peter l really appreciate d help u render 2me by giving me another alternative, am so grateful. I belive dt it wil wrk for me as well and l wil definitely share d testmony. Bye. Urs Ajiboye.

  4. Hauwa Saka:

    Good day Mr peter,My name ıs Hauwa saka from Nıgerıa please ı wıll lıke to place my order for the master cleanse supplıes,but ı wıll want to know ıf you make delıverıes to Nıgerıa and how long ıt takes to delıver.and please can ı get a contact to speak wıth u dırectly

  5. Peter Glickman:

    I’m sorry, but the only country I have ever lost any shipments to is Nigeria and it was both shipments I tried.

    You can reach me directly at

  6. kofo davies:

    peter, I was so lucky yesterday.
    I was able to find maple syrup from a health food store here in Nigeria. it was the only bottle they had, and they are not bringing in more anytime soon due to customs.
    its just that a bottle cost me $25 and its an 8FL OZ sized bottle. its very expensive…. I was also lucky to get all other ingredients and I am so happy.
    I would b starting my cleanse this week.

    please can I purchase only your book? is it an e-book?

  7. Peter Glickman:

    Yes, you can purchase the eBook version at this link.