Special Master Cleanse Download Pack

Special Master Cleanse Download Pack


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  • Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days eBook – 192 pages – $16.95 Retail

Originally written to “hold new people’s hands” and guide them through the cleanse with answers to all the most common questions and some inspirational stories as well. Plus the 12 most common pitfalls and chapters on anti-aging and scientific support for the Master Cleanse.

  • The Lemonade Diet: A Master Cleanse Interview Download – 1 hour- $15.95 Retail

A professionally recorded studio interview with three live testimonials. Not the book on audio.

  • Master Cleanse Journal eBook – 31 pages – $4.95 Retail

A 31-page eBook with room for measurements, comments and photos for four 10-day cleanses, two 20-day cleanses or one 40-day cleanse.

  • Can I Ask You a Question? – Answers to the most common 112 questions eBook – 60 pages – not available separately, but would sell for $37 Retail

A 60-page eBook with inspirational stories and answers to the most common 112 questions.

Plus These Three Free Download Bonuses:

  • Master Cleanse Shopping List PDF – Name brand list of required items & amounts
  • Master Cleanse Quick Start Guide PDF – A 2-page quick guide to starting the Master Cleanse immediately.

The Fast Way to Health

  • The Fast Way to Health eBook by Dr. Frank McCoy – 333 pages – $29.95 Retail

“I have made a most exhaustive study of every method of cure from mind cure to modern surgery and gland therapy, and I have never found a single method that could approach even closely, in its results, the benefits which come from some form of the fasting cure.” Dr. Frank McCoy

Save almost $65!