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An Immune System Booster That Makes A Difference You Can Feel!

My wife and I take several supplements. Usually, my wife doesn’t notice much difference from taking them, but she can feel the difference this immune system booster and stemFit Active make. In fact, these are the only ones she insists we have on hand! At one time, this product had another name, but my wife kept calling it Younger because that’s how it made her feel. We used to buy it as retail customers.

About two years ago, I had a crown replaced on a tooth and for the next two days it hurt. When I went back to the dentist, he X-rayed the tooth, showed me a gray area on the X-ray and gave me a referral to a dental surgeon who could do a root canal.

I’ve read way too much about how root canals may cause degenerative disease and decided I wanted no part of a root canal. Instead, I took 3 Youngers twice a day. By the second day, all the pain was gone and it’s never returned. Bye bye, root canal! Even after I quit taking Younger because we couldn’t get any more as retail customers, there’s never been any problem with that tooth.

We liked it so much, we decided to get it produced in commercial quantities so others could get it. So, now you can get the benefits we get from it. And there’s our 70-year old friend who loves it because it gives him energy each day.


Younger incorporates Red Wine Extract, Grape Seed Extract and Resveratrol in a proprietary combination to reduce inflammation and protect cells from free radicals.

Red Wine Extract is how the French can eat so many fatty foods, drink wine every day and still stay healthy. The antioxidants present in red wine provide powerful cellular protection throughout the body and have been used to treat degenerative conditions.

Red Wine Extract:

  • Helps Vitamin C enter the body’s cells, strengthening the cell membranes and protecting cells from oxidative damage,
  • Contains bioflavonoids, which are anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, anti-allergenic and major free radical scavengers,
  • Strengthens and supports cardiovascular function,
  • Improves performance of the nervous system and the immune system,
  • Provides the benefits of red wine without the negatives, such as sulfites, headaches, and alcohol.

Grape Seed Extract has been exhaustively studied by the Pasteur & Huntington Institutes and 7 other leading universities in Europe and the results are every bit as astounding as Red Wine Extract.

In research, Grape Seed Extract (also known as OPC):

  • Grape Seed Extract is one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man and remaining in the body for 3 full days.
  • is 20 times stronger than vitamin C and 50 times stronger than vitamin E,
  • Is one of the few antioxidants that penetrates the blood-brain barrier to help protect brain and nerve tissue from oxidation. That’s why it can improve mental alertness and help prevent senility,
  • Is one of the most important immune system nutrients in the past 50 years. A healthy immune system is the key to reversing aging and providing a long and healthy life.
  • Has been proven to be an exceptional leader in fighting free radicals (cell-damaging chemicals),
  • Until the discovery of Grape Seed Extract, the best antioxidants were vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene. However, they are used up or excreted within a short time of entering the body,

Grape Seed Extract has been shown to help promote the blood vessel strength and structure, to help stabilize collagen, and to maintain elastin. Collagen and elastin are found in connective tissue that support organs, joins, and muscles. By nourishing blood vessel walls and performing other renewing functions, Grape Seed Extract helps promote healthy blood pressure levels, a healthy heart, and a proper inflammation response.


  • Helps to reduce inflammation and enhance the immune system,
  • Has been shown to reduce and suppress many types of inflammation, which plays a large part in arthritis, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease and possibly cardiovascular diseases,
  • May be a positive alternative to current treatments for chronic inflammation since some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory products can damage the lining of the stomach, but Resveratrol does not,
  • Has also been shown, in animal studies, to enhance the immune response to protect against herpes simplex virus.