The Cause of Suppression

The Cause of Suppression


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The three requirements for vibrant good health are the elimination of toxins already in the body, proper nutrition, and the elimination of suppression in your life. The elimination of being put down, being fed only bad news, and being told you’re nothing can produce an amazing result beyond anything you might imagine.

“The Cause of Suppression” by Ron Hubbard not only details what to watch for, but it also gives a straightforward method for handling suppression.

This booklet is based on Scientology, a non-denominational applied religious philosophy that does not define the nature of the Supreme Being, but leaves it to each individual to determine it for him/herself. Instead, Scientology offers simple, straightforward, and practical ways to better understand and deal with yourself and others.

While many experts talk about the negative effects of stress, few offer such a clear cut method for eliminating the worst kind of stress.