Diabetics and the Master Cleanse

I have had a number of people with diabetes ask about doing the Master Cleanse. In Healing for the Age of Enlightenment, Burroughs instructs diabetics to use only a bare tablespoon of molasses in the lemonade at first while decreasing the amount of insulin slightly. Then each day gradually increase the amount of molasses while decreasing the amount of insulin, regularly checking the sugar level in the urine and blood to ensure it is within normal range. When you reach two tablespoons of molasses and the insulin has been eliminated, switch to two tablespoons of organic Grade B maple syrup instead of molasses.

Upon completing the Master Cleanse, a diet of fresh raw vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits is recommended as Burroughs describes diabetes as the result of nutritional deficiencies due to a white sugar and white flour diet. Before following these instructions you should consult with your licensed healthcare practitioner.

The above text is an excerpt from Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days.

Note: These instructions were edited out of later editions of Burroughs’ The Master Cleanser.

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  1. Alison:

    I had hypoglycemia for decades before doing the master cleans. My fasting glucose was 86 on the eleventh day of my second cleanse.

    BTW, I didn’t bother with the cayenne ( too painful) or the salt water flush (Dr Haas ridiculed it) and it worked just fine both times

  2. Kim:

    I am hypoglycemic and am starting my first cleanse today.
    Do you have any tips, tricks, or advice for me?
    I would love to (not) do the salt or cayenne-
    What did you do instead ?

  3. Peter Glickman:

    1. Hypoglycemics have done the cleanse with no problems. After the first 3 days their blood sugar stabilized at a good level.
    2. You can substitute a cup of laxative tea in the morning for the salt water flush. This is in addition to the one before bed.
    3. Cayenne is too important to eliminate from the master cleanse. It dilates blood vessels, feeds the heart and acts as an accelerator for the cleanse. The problem people who don’t like cayenne have is that they are trying to take too much too soon. Cayenne is a learned taste. You learn to like it. Use just a pinch at first and gradually increase it as you tolerate it better up to 1/10 teaspoon in each 10 oz. lemonade drink. Don’t use so much that you don’t want to drink the lemonade.

  4. Barbara:

    Why were his statements about diabetes and the Cleanse omitted from his ladder book?

  5. Peter Glickman:

    Sorry, I don’t know. So, you’ll have to ask the publisher of his book.

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