Supplements sold through network marketing – blessing or snake oil?

  • New-concept health products are those that break new ground. They require consumer education which would cost hundreds of millions of dollars if done through advertising. Network marketing allows a company with a new-concept product to get the story told at much less cost. This encourages innovation.
  • Health products sold through network marketing are sometimes accused of being overpriced. No doubt, some are, but those are only the “me, too” products, knock-offs of existing products. New-concept health products sold in retail are typically very expensive due to the amount of educational advertising necessary. When you compare the cost of innovative, new-concept products sold through retail versus those sold through network marketing, the costs are usually quite similar.
  • I’m always amazed at the number of people who say, “I don’t care what it will do. If it’s sold through network marketing, I don’t want it.” Really? If you are just buying the product, what difference does it make whether it comes off the shelf at Walgreens or is mailed to your door? What matters is whether it will improve your health.
  • Network marketing itself is a mixed blessing for those doing it. After three years of selling new-concept health supplements, I’m just now learning the best way to do this business. Most people, even those in the industry are doing it wrong. As a result, they are alienating their friends and families, and not realizing the very real potential of residual income after a few years of part time work. I wish I would have known how to do it correctly much sooner.
  • Sales actually plays no part in successful network marketing. Teaching is the key. I was surprised to hear a very successful network marketing professional say that salesmen typically fail. Teachers and the helping professions tend to be best at it.
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