Breast Cancer Increased by the Use of Antibiotics!

A study done at the University of Washington at Seattle found that the greater the total number of days a woman was on antibiotics (cumulatively), the greater was her risk of breast cancer. The study, published in February 2004 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, was done by studying records of more than 10,000 women over the age of 19.

There was a 45% greater risk for women who had been on antibiotics for 1 to 50 days than for women who had never taken antibiotics. There was a 53% increased risk for those who had been on antibiotics for 51 to 100 days compared to those who had never been on them; 68% increased risk for those who had been on antibiotics for 101 to 500 days compared to those who had never been on them and a 107% increased risk for those who had been on antibiotics for 501 to 1000 days compared to those who had never been on them.

In the group of women with the greatest number of days of antibiotic treatment with tetracycline or Erythromycin-class antibiotics strictly for acne or rosacea (a chronic redness of the skin and sometimes pimples, usually on the face), there was no increased risk of breast cancer compared to women using them exclusively for throat and lung infections.

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Peter Glickman June 17, 2013 at 2:53 pm

I just got an email and wanted to share it and my reply. She didn’t know I would post this, so I’m omitting her name and email address.
I have been an avid follower of you and the master cleanse.
Today, I must admit that I am dismayed by this statement posted on your website…. ‘Breast cancer increased by the use of antibiotics!`
Please Do Not make statements like this one just because the journal of American Medical association published the results of a University study done in 2004. Those tests are done is a precise manner and those involved are medicated and under extreme testing Stress. This statement Could Seriously effect Many of your readers…causing them to Believe It because it comes from YOU!
I trust you to speak the truth from your own personal experience and from those who follow you. Please…No scare tactics! It seems as though everything we come in contact with causes Cancer…If you believe it -it will be true for you.
Please tell us about how the Master Cleanse IS bringing Us back to our natural healthy selves! Remind us of our sucess!
I admire you and your efforts to help us all.. as I will continue to do….but please, choose better statements to get our attention. I look forward to seeing positive statements in the near future.
Thank you and your team!

My reply
Thanks for taking the time to tell me your thoughts…especially the nice ones (joke).
I do like to focus on the positive (I think you know that) and avoid scare tactics as I agree if you think it will cause cancer, it will.
Just a bit more information on the study, the researchers actually went back over non-profit-health-plan provider records of 2200 women who had enrolled with that health plan for at least one out of eight years who developed breast cancer. They then compared their results with almost 8000 women, randomly selected, but matched to age and length of enrollment in the health care plan. Then they cross-checked pharmacy records to get number of days of antibiotic use.
What I’m trying to say is these women weren’t specially selected. They were typical women treated in conventional manner.
But, I will continue to tell people how they can help their bodies heal themselves with the Master Cleanse and Laminine.
Thanks again for telling me what you think. It’s a rare trait and greatly appreciated.


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