Awesome Video of MD Who Cured Herself of MS with DIET!

Terry Wahls, MD, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an “incurable” degenerative disease in 2000. After 7 years of treatment from the very best clinics and doctors, she couldn’t walk without 2 canes nor sit straight up.

Unwilling to accept a certain death sentence, she began researching brain degenerative diseases including Parkenson’s, Alzheimers and MS. What she found completely reversed her disease with FOOD and in only 9 months rode her bike 18 miles in one day!

The answers she found weren’t in her medical texts. She found that information on the Internet.

“Let food be your medicine.” Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine

In this 18 minute video she shares her experience, what she learned and her diet. You MUST watch this video.

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Recipe for Kale Chips that she references.

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Sherry March 5, 2012 at 8:50 pm

I thoroughly appreciated this information. Much of it was a reminder. I wrote down what I can add more of to my diet. I have illnesses and only by eating healthy can I control them and continue to have a quality lifestyle. Thank you for sharing and caring.


Marz March 6, 2012 at 9:14 pm

Are nuts, seeds, legumes or beans nutritionally necessary to this diet?


Peter Glickman March 6, 2012 at 9:22 pm

I don’t recall her mentioning those, but you should re-listen to it to be sure.

She included grass fed meat and organ meats for their vitamins, minerals and protein.

Vegetarians might want to substitute nuts, seeds, legumes and beans to provide more protein.


Leah March 7, 2012 at 4:32 pm

Thank you for this information. I am very very very happy to see this MD’s story.
I was diagnosed with MS in 1993. I was on an unguided “vegetarian” diet 1 year prior to being diagnosed. My physician brother told me to eat meat again. I was in contact with the MS Foundation ‘who’ spoke to me at length about the disease and wanted me to go to a support group. I could not relate. l One day in 1995 I just happened to read the book “The Anxiety Disease” which chronicled the lives of people that developed MS and other dooms day diseases because of anxiety. I could have been a chapter in that book too. After that I knew I did not have MS. I started exercising like a mad woman. My numbness in my legs gradually left and after 6 months I had all feeling in my toes back. No problems since.


Kate March 7, 2012 at 6:28 pm

The diet she mentioned is detailed in Robb Wolfe’s book The Paleo Solution. I have followed the diet and lost weight but more importantly, had illness and ailments reversed. The challenge is giving up dairly and grains, breads, chips which I really enjoyed.


Peter Glickman March 7, 2012 at 8:38 pm

Thanks, Kate. That’s great to know.

There’s a highly rated recipe for raw kale chips teenagers like at the end of my post below the video. Try that for chips.


Amy Carter March 8, 2012 at 9:17 am

I have a hard time eating salad with no dressing and such, but I was advised to try using balsamic vinegar in place. I find that the plain balsamic vinegar makes an excellent “dressing” and it’s absolutely delicious!


Peter Glickman March 8, 2012 at 3:01 pm

Salad with no dressing is no fun! Besides balsamic vinegar, you can do lemon juice and olive oil, with hand-crushed tomatoes (Don’t ask me why, but I find hand crushing tomatoes makes them sweeter and more flavorful.) and/or sea salt optional. I also like to add just a little cayenne pepper. It gives it a kick and it’s soooo good for you.


Kathleen Dulin Dewes March 12, 2012 at 9:24 am

i have suffered Bipolar since age 12however now 67 young since I had a hestorectomy and quit smoking 20 someyears ago in 5 days with exercise & water and prayer. Also I still swim 1 hour at a gym,3 days a week, havenot had a bad bipolar swing in 14 years. However the full moon if over a periodof many days and stress will affect by crying and pressure headaches. But now I must work on food. better. I eat home grown foods in a garden in the summer. But all in all please send me any info. I continued to strive to better all answers over the years about my condition bipolar that gave me a disability all my young years however I marrie d a nurse with diabetes and a drinker in past but we are doing better than our friends. We have a rambler home I inherated, a lovely rescued little girl dog, we call our dog daughter, live in the Blue Ridge Mountains and on a lake I swim every summer. We can pay our bills and my income is from Govt. State and police dept jobs even though I had to use all my sick leave to stay in them. That was accepted in my time. I had no children because I was hospitalized 4 times l month at each time always around menstral period time, but also got shock treatments when 16 (23).of them I do have short term memory however always had it as a child and ADD. I had no confidence in jobs but I looked good and neat and tryed very hard to please so I made 20 years but I had no children because I was always sick. I still am afraid to work but I am gifted artistically because my father was an early Walt Disney Artist for 5 years in the Golden Years of Disney as one of the artists who worked on Snow White, Fantasia, Pinnochio etc. I did get his talent & as I got well always wanted to succeed in drawing for childrens books but never have and probably could at one time however always fighting to get well and not knowing when I would have a period of normal. Now I have great friends, no work now, took care of my mother with dementia, Alziemers in this /her retirement home for 11 years with my husbands help(me putting up with my terrible swings, his going to college, and helping me, so I have accomplished quite a feat I think and very proud I helped my Dad with polisiveria changing to anemia who passed lst and Mom who suffered longer in her own home. It was aproud / the most important job and I did it with love and she knew it even though her thinking was pretty bad especially the last 5. But we did it. My husband suffered with fighting drinking on & off and being a Nite Orthopedic Nurse ll years is pretty tough.He is now diabetic and I’m trying to cook better for him. Loved hearing all you said on the internet with your speech and I will do what I can to help us both and continue what has made me weller with my problems. Much thanks, Kathleen Dulin Dewes ps. Any advice please let me know or if you sell a book with all you said in your speech. I would love to have. But I will take notes and listen again and do as much for my husband and myself and my dog in her best interest as possible So glad you fought your illness – you also must be proud of such an accomplishment as I am with mine. Hope I didn’t bore you with so much to say but that has been mine life andalso I had to quit dancing at age 16 after being a solist and corp dancer with the beginning Washington Ballet Co. I had dance since age 3 then joined atage l2 the Co. I always loved to dance then I tackled the dance of my life of bipolar not something that has been with me all my life but l4 years sobsided with my work on the problem. Much luck with passing your knowledge on. If you ever write a book, with people who suffered and found some answers to their problems let me know. Your are welcome to use mine to help others also my brother lives in a trailer, recluse with skitso (sp) effective disorder. So sad and the state helps him & us. Again Much Love and Happiness for you to continue on your yellow brick road you found and me too. Kathy


Peter Glickman March 20, 2012 at 12:46 am

Thank you for your story, Kathy.

Congratulations on what you’ve done already. I have a few recommendations. Please review them and see if they look like they might be of interest to you.

For psychiatric problems, I recommend you check out For Alzheimer’s I recommend you check out my post on Coconut Oil as a Cure for Alzheimer’s and Awesome Video of MD Who Cured Herself of MS with DIET!.

Peter :-)


shlomo weiss August 7, 2012 at 6:41 pm

May I suggest that the specific foods recommended for healing sick people, will be tabulated for 3-4 daily meals, which can make it easier for them to have the right types and quantities


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